I've been lucky enough in the past several years to contribute design, animation, and visual effects work to some pretty genre-driven and niche productionsprestige True Crime documentaries, arthouse Horror films, and a lot of music video psychedelia. My creative direction stems from my coming of age as a photoshop nerd / designated t-shirt designer / preteen who understood cameras in the DIY hardcore scene that I was a little too young for, combined with my academic interests at NYU (equal parts Stan Brakhage, late-career Godard, Neon Genesis Evangeleon, South Park, and a lot of other stuff most people delegate to "guilty pleasures").
As a storyteller, I feel most comfortable editing. As a human, I feel most comfortable doing whatever the hell it is I'm doing here.

00:05 // birth of venus // short film currently in production
00:12 // FYRE // dir. chris smith
00:19 // dscvr artists to watch // vevo
00:23 // sabrina carpenter // alien music video
00:25 // exit wound // dir. me + ryan mulhern
00:30 // nerves // dir. ryan mulhern
00:41 // silhoette city // dir. poulomi mukherji
music by herbie hancock