March 1, 2020 I begin a video experiment that chronicles daily life in the greater Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn and across New York, California, a remote mountain village in Vermont, and the towns surrounding my parents' home in Indiana during the Covid-19 pandemic.
More accurately, the experiment was to film anything that I found interesting with an iPhone 11 Pro, which I had in my pocket almost always, and to remember to film it horizontally even when it was inconvenient. What resulted was a document of a year in which many things changed for the worse and some for the better, a musical composition inspired by the soundtrack of my alienated labor, and some poetry for Whosoever Comes Next. To say that I put my entire being into this scrapbook / scrapheap of a project would be an understatement.
Available to stream & download starting August 20, 2021.
1. Full Resolution Video Masters
Apple ProRes 4444 Quicktime, Lossless PCM Audio, 16-bit TIFF sequence]
A one-time $4.20 donation to a mental health non-profit or fundraiser of your choice gets you the full archivist package. You'll own the film as much as I do
if anyone could bear to do such a thing.
2. Desktop Publishing Package [Uncompressed PDF, Consolidated InDesign Project]
A however-many-times-you-wanna-do-it $0.69 donation that pretty much just goes to me (sorry) will get you the print-ready documents as I intend to archive them. I'm not gonna print this thing, what a waste. Do you know how much I spent on therapy this year?
3. Footnotes [Readme.txt]
Free of charge. You're gonna need it.
Trailer 3: Atlas Shrugged, s(he) be(lie)ve(d)
Trailer 4: One must imagine Sisyphus smelled pretty bad
Trailer 5: Metamorphoses | Books of Transformations / or, One More Final: I Need You / or, something else, I'm not sure yet.
Footnotes: Works in the Public Domain, or: Ask Me About My Cryptocurrency